Notes of the day…

Things that caught my attention today:

  • George W Bush and the 14 points of fascism – it’s a pretty interesting look at news, mostly old, but each article is linked to a point, and there are a lot of articles. Worth scanning, at least.
  • – not something I was using today, perhaps, but I’ve been using it lately to locate things to listen to, such as the…
  • New additions to my playlist: Lamb – Between Darkness And Wonder, Juno Reactor – Labyrinth, ATB – No Silence
  • Scam of the day – Blockbuster is claiming that they don’t do late fees anymore. Instead, if you keep a game/DVD/whatever more than 7 days, they’ll just assume you wanted it and bill you full retail price. You have 30 days to cancel – but if you do, they will tack on a “small restocking fee.” This, to me, translates out to “delayed late fee”. You won’t get screwed quite as badly this way since your overall late charges will probably be lower, but it will be more of a headache if you happen to be late in the first place.

Tomorrow, I’ll be playing Mahjongg with Cass’s family for (slightly late) Chinese New Year fun. It’s a funky game, a bit like the card game “rummy” but with tiles that sorta remind me of oversized dominoes. Lotsa fun.:-)

My Earth:2025 remake is coming along nicely. Have to finish spy ops, add the public & private markets, and the game itself should be largely done. I’m hoping to be able to launch some sort of limited alpha game in a few weeks. We shall see.

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