Bell Canada Hates Women

I was checking my mail earlier today and I picked up an advertisement for Bell Canada’s DSL service. One of the key features was “Parental Control” – the filters that block supposedly inappropriate content from your “kids.”

Of course, no such advertisement should be without an example of the type of inappropriate content blocked. You can see for yourself at adrants – it’s the female body.

Other people have made note that this is a textbook and adrants suggests that Bell is saying education is bad. While I agree that there is this connotation, I find myself astounded that the female body would be used as an example of “inappropriate content.” C’mon people, this is not Taliban-run Afghanistan.

Now, I’m anti-censorship in any form, but it seems to me that a more suitable example of inappropriate content for children might be Neo-nazi propoganda sites, if you must have censorship. But it’s just like a major corporation to bash women – the latest statistics say that corporations still don’t have that glass ceiling problem solved yet. Way to go, morons.

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