Seems that the programmers of the WS_FTP file transfer protocol client must be fans of the Paranoia role playing game. Note this unusual message buried in the WS_FTP transfer log during a routine FTP session.

PORT 192,168,2,225,11,146
200 PORT command successful
RETR adminapglacct.php
150-Connecting to port 2962
150-The computer is your friend. Trust the computer
150 4.4 kbytes to download
Received 4542 bytes in 0.1 secs, (440.00 Kbps), transfer succeeded
226-File successfully transferred
226 0.000 seconds (measured here), 32.06 Mbytes per second

Edit (22 September 2004@21:00:48): It occurs to me that it may be a certain *nix FTP daemon returning this code, not necessarily WS_FTP. At any rate, it’s still cool.


Okay, so everyone’s been raving off and on about this David Gelernter guy. I was advised by a friend to take a look at his “The Second Coming: A Manifesto,” which I did.

My real impression is that it’s quite overrated. Don’t get me wrong, the technologies are amazing. However, for all his talk about this grand upcoming revolution, Gelernter proceeded to patent the entire lifestream idea, essentially making it impossible for anyone to use it in the next 15 or so years without paying him a fortune (and some sources suggest that he has no interest in doing so unless you’re a major corporation). Some revolution, especially since his company seems to have folded and you cannot even buy HIS implementation of the lifestream principle anymore (check or – as of this writing, those sites have been down at least a few months).

In addition – not that I have anything against conservatives – Gelernter seems to be a particularly outspoken conservative of the Republican type, as evidenced by his rants on topics as diverse as capital punishment, baby boomers and WW2, and art and the Nobel Prize. Serves him quite well in the current American climate, but his computer ‘brilliance’ aside, I somehow doubt his overall views would make him well-liked by much of the world. The world is indeed bigger than whatever chip he has on his shoulder.

While I understand that his run-in with the unabomber has probably made him a little bitter, I still find him a classic example of the type of arrogant intellectual elitist pre-geriatric who unfortunately wields entirely too much power and influence in the United States today. Sad.

A thought…

It occurred to me today that there’s a certain irony in the fact that Americans are getting fat and having severe health problems from overeating (School Cafeterias Resist Low-Carb Pressure) while people are starving overseas.

It isn’t the traditional “Oh, we are so blessed that we have food…we should help feed the hungry! *stuff face and ignore hungry*” sort of didactic anecdotal irony, but rather a real irony that comes from the fact that finally, Americans are *dying* from eating too much. See, if they’d just give some of their food away to the poor, maybe both sides would live now. Weird way that the scales have turned…

Hello world !

So I watched everyone else do this long enough, and in true Nathan style, I’ll jump in now. And, of course, probably find myself bored to tears in about a year.

Stuff to promote – Tapping The Vein, Whitesands MUD, being American in Canada,, kuro5hin, cats rule, and other stuff I’ll probably think of later (yes, I’m a geek, so shoot me).

Look for lots of stuff coming soon:-)