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Welcome to my little gallery. You'll find a number of things in here, with more to come. I tend to scribble in notebooks and on scratch paper, so some of this looks a bit messy. If you want to comment on something I've created, feel free to email me at All comments/criticism welcome - encouraged, even.


Disguise - 2006

(Click it!) Typical process - do a representational sketch and twist it beyond recognition...

Untitled - 2001

This is a little piece I did based on images from a couple of magazine ads. One was the old David Copperfield "Got Milk?" and I don't recall the other...

Trogdor!!! - 2005

(Click it!) "Draw an S. For snake."

Random (No thumbnails)

I dunno what this is. A vine around a ring with leaves at the top? And an alien-thing...

A random geometric figure.

Other Stuff

Two and Two

Sometimes things make me think of other things, so I drop 'em side-by-side...