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This is my first scifi (cyberpunk?) novel, written near the end of 2005 and set on a future Earth where things are just a bit different. FourWar pits the effectively immortal Citizens of New Byanzt against the slumrats and religious Funkar masses living outside, told through the eyes of an assortment of quirky characters.

Longer, somewhat more violent, and definitely more profanity-laden than Alice, but the sort of story I like to read, anyway. Enjoy!


This is my first novel. Oddly enough, this was written largely in November 2004, but has nothing to do with the National Novel Writing Month.

Alice is the story of a troubled young woman who follows a glowing figure into a garden on a dark city night. Inside, she finds that in order to leave again she must face not only strange people and creatures, but also her own past. Quite loosely inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, the story is probably best categorized as fantasy. The completed novel weighs in at a light 51,849 words.

Short Stories

Dragon Hunting

Dragons in Suburbia?

The Final Casualty

Horror in the form of an infant. Published in Thirteen Magazine, vol. 2 issue 8.


La Ronde

A freeform word-painting.


Where dreams burn like candles…


An Ad Rant

Musings on where ever-escalating advertising might lead.

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