Firefox Weirdness

I’m a big fan of the Firefox web browser, but lately I noticed something strange. Under Windows, if I click a scroll wheel button on a tab, it will close the tab. If I click a link, it opens a link in a new window.

Under Linux, when I click a link it opens in a new window. However, if I click the scroll wheel on a tab to close it, it does a Google “I’m Feeling Lucky” search on the words in the tab title, or indeed on any word or phrase highlighted in the page. That’s actually pretty annoying. Has anyone encountered this before and do you know how to turn it off?

2 thoughts on “Firefox Weirdness”

  1. Did it accidentally one day, and found it too convenient not to use (and convenient enough that I still need to know if it can be fixed on Linux!)

  2. Nathan, sweetie,

    I have to ask… lol… how often do you click the scroll button?

    I hardly ever do, and never clicked on the tab or a link with it.

    (Nathan’s sweetheart)

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