It’s 2am I must be…

Oh wait, that’s a lie. I’m far too narcissistic to be lonely. *halo*

What I apparently am is a bit insane, though. I have finally made my long-intended switch to the Dvorak keyboard layout these 24 hours. So far it’s mostly maddening, as it’s dropped my near-120wpm typing rate down to a paltry 25wpm or so. What that means is that you, my humble reader, should appreciate the effort it takes me to type these very words.

In other news, I watched (and enjoyed greatly) the 2nd Pirates movie. The beginning didn’t much impress me, but by the end I was engrossed and lost track of time. A movie I do not regret watching, to be sure.

And in other, other news, my motivation level has reached its perennial low, and I am in the process of bringing my last vestiges of willpower to bear with hopes of wrapping my third novel up in the next month. Wish me luck, Gentle Reader!

(p.s. If I seem drunkened with sleepiness, it’s because I am. Forgive, forgive, forgive!)

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