“Don Lapre” Comment Spam Scam

I have no idea who Don Lapre actually is – he’s some sort of infomercial vitamin-selling scammer dude according to wikipedia. Anyway, somebody left a hand-crafted spam comment on my SORBS post today which actually referenced the content of the post, but the format of the signature was a bit strange so I jumped to the linked website (donlaprewilliams.com) before I even knew Don Lapre existed. The site is pretty strange, as it seems to be leaching content through an iFrame from carpeaqua.com and the only actual content on the page is a couple of header tags mentioning Lapre and some sort of salad dressing blurb that makes no sense. There are no actual outgoing links from this page, so I can’t figure out what the s[p/c]ammer is hoping to promote by doing this.

A bit of searching reveals another domain registered on the same day (donlaprejones.com) which is leaching content in an iFrame from sashafrerejones.com (some sort of musician, I think). This site contains the same salad dressing nonsense and no outgoing links. Whois checks don’t reveal anything useful, other than that they’re Go Daddy domains (what a stupid name for a company).

Maybe the s[p/c]ammer is intending to build up the pagerank of these pages and then use them to promote some stupid vitamin-selling scheme? Anyway, nice try, but that comment is history. And perhaps the webmasters at carpeaqua and sashafrerejones might want to do some creative rewrite rules to block the leaching.

Moral of the story: I fucking despise sleazy advertisers.

Update – 06/16/2011

Seems like karma caught up with this dude – just spotted a story saying he’s been charged with fraud to the tune of $52 million. Why does that not surprise me?

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