Social Network Annoyances

So today, we find out that Facebook changed everything on us yet again. Although I don’t use Facebook anymore, I have a “fakebook” account that I haven’t yet deactivated, so I note firsthand the utter impossibility now of finding out what any of your “friends” are up to since Facebook now decides for you what you should see instead of allowing chronology to do the job for you.:P

Secondly, my old MySpace band page has been, for some time, auto-accepting friends requests thanks to some old change they made that was supposed to help bands who have to manually approve hundreds or thousands of friends requests per day. But that has lately turned into the auto-accept-spamming-bands feature, where bands I’ve never heard of in genres I’m completely uninterested in befriend me and send me self-promotional messages in gangsta-ese or some other brand of English butchered for the sake of “cool.” Thanks, MySpace.

Finally, Google Plus has utterly failed to..well, do anything new at all since they added the games. One-sided API access is something, I guess, but not that interesting since it’s read-only. Ah well, at least they haven’t made it more annoying to use. Go Google+!