Nate’s Crazy Life

So lately I’ve been really busy. Stuff on my plate:

  • Been working on my new novel. It’s at ~20,000 words now. If there’s any interest, I can post a teaser chapter for you. Let me know.
  • Doing another editing pass at Alice – the final one, I hope. There are a few grammar errors in there and silly spelling mistakes which I should have caught the first time around.
  • The Earth: 2025 rewrite is coming along. The basic economy and war engine is done. A million little nitpicky things to do. I’m hoping to run an alpha server by the end of March.
  • My first aikido test is Monday Feb. 28, and I’ll be testing for 5th kyu. Lots of turning-people-into-pretzels goodness.

Other points of note:

  • My sister will be halfway through U.S. Navy bootcamp on Wednesday. Wish her the best.
  • My blog is now linked at – cool!
  • I have three cats demanding attention. Time to run!

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