Last Post of 2005 (probably)

I’m still alive, yes.

A couple of things. I’ve completely finished my aforementioned second novel, including multiple editing posts. The only thing it lacks now is a title, and a publisher. With any luck, this will make it as my first novel to be officially published. Want to read it ahead of that? Send me an email and I might send you a digital copy to preview.:-)

Secondly, after reading about the New Orleans police killing a knife-wielding man, it occurs to me that every department should stock a medieval suit of plate armor, sword, and shield. No need to kill the knife guy; your metal giant can just sit on him. And if he’s carrying a sword, I’m pretty sure your knife-wielder will just drop it. I mean, there you are, with your little six-inch knife, and some huge guy in armor comes at you with a three-foot sword telling you to put it down or lose the hand. There, a relatively inexpensive* and non-lethal way to subdue criminals who are threatening you with knives.

*compared to lawsuits

Hope all of you out there have had nice holidays. Remember, New Year’s Resolutions are for the weak. Dont’ drink too much. Or at least don’t drive if you do. Cheers!

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