Reminder Re: Atlanta Hostage and Purpose-Driven Life

A while ago, I posted about Ann Coulter’s “Purpose-Driven Left”, where she went on for a while about how Ashley Smith, by reading aloud from The Purpose-Driven Life, “about serving God by serving others,” was able to save the Atlanta judge-killer’s life, and her own, after she was taken hostage.

I still get the odd hit on that story, so I thought it might be important to note that Jesus shouldn’t get all the credit for the tidy resolution after all; seems like meth deserves some credit too. I haven’t decided whether meth should get ALL the credit, or if it’s just that meth + Jesus = calm killers and churches everywhere should add meth to their regular services. “Did you hear Pastor Smith? Have you heard Pastor Smith…on meth?!

Just a quick $0.02. Have fun!

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