More Google weirdness..

I was looking for some info on PHP session timouts, and scanning google for information on the gc_maxlifetime variable in PHP, when I came across some weirdness. Try this search:

If you see what I saw, you’ll get this:

We’re sorry…

… but we can’t process your request right now. A computer virus or spyware application is sending us automated requests, and it appears that your computer or network has been infected.

We’ll restore your access as quickly as possible, so try again soon. In the meantime, you might want to run a virus checker or spyware remover to make sure that your computer is free of viruses and other spurious software.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and hope we’ll see you again on Google.

What’s going on here? All other queries work fine.

It seems to be caused when you use the second “search” box that shows up at the bottom of the page after you’ve searched for something else. Try searching for “test” or whatever, then entering “1440 php maxlifetime” into the bottom search box. Seems to be reproducible.

Updated update:You can use just “1440 php” in the bottom box and get the error. No other combination of those words seems to produce it, and “maxlifetime” seems to be irrelevant.

Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence (Short Review)

Sometime last year, I watched Ghost in the Shell for the first time. I haven’t actually seen it again, but I remember that it was impressive, dark, and intelligent. My flawed memory doesn’t allow me to remember things in much more detail than that – sorry.:-)

Last night, I fired up Innocence, the sequel of sorts. The Major is now in cyberspace, Batou is his usual impassive self, and “gynoids” are running around killing people.

Having seen the reviews at Amazon, I wasn’t expecting much. The movie seems to have been roundly trashed, except for general agreement that it’s beautiful.

And is it. I found myself almost breathtaken at one sequence after another. I would give an arm and a leg to be able to produce something so visually stunning. If you are one of those people who refuse to watch anime because you think it’s “cartoony,” you’re truly missing out. Sequences to watch for:

  • The opening “birth” sequence
  • The ghost hack at the drugstore
  • The “fly-by tour” of the information city
  • The parade scene
  • Kim’s mansion

And the storyline is great. For those people whose heads it flew over, get over it. If you like some thought and some depth to your stories, rather than having things spoon-fed to you, you’ll enjoy this. Lots of banter in the form of quotes, and some thoughtful exploration of human nature using both dialogue and great juxtaposition of imagery.

Overall, I’d recommend this to anyone. Gets a 9/10 on my rating scale.:-)

Minor Points – Aikido, etc.

Couple of things. First, I successfully tested for 5th kyu in aikido this evening. It’s about time, since I’ve been studying for a year and a half now.:-P

Secondly – if your ass jiggles uncontrollably when you walk, please avoid wearing stretchy pants of any sort. This applies irrespective of gender, but women seem to be guilty more often than men. That is all. Thank you.

Economic Fascism in Connecticut

For a few residents of a small Connecticut town, the land of the free doesn’t seem quite so free any more.

With the backing of the so-called “eminent domain” doctrine, the town of New London has decided to confiscate property from landowners near the Thames River. This would be less odious if it were for some public good, like a badly needed water purification system because everyone would otherwise die of thirst (to pick an example completely at random).

But no, the real reason:

…to clear the way for a private development project that would include a hotel, a conference center and offices. The city has argued that redeveloping 90 acres along the river and near a new Pfizer research plant would give a much-needed economic boost to the city of about 26,000 people, where the unemployment rate of 7.6% is about twice the state’s rate…

To reduce down to the essentials, private citizens are having their homes confiscated by the government in favor of corporations.

All arguments about the benefit to the town aside, this is completely unfair to the people being expelled from their homes – some “generations old” – and undoubtedly the corporate developments will gain much more out of this than the people of New London, who will have no ownership of the new developments. Smells like economic fascism to me.

Bell Canada Hates Women

I was checking my mail earlier today and I picked up an advertisement for Bell Canada’s DSL service. One of the key features was “Parental Control” – the filters that block supposedly inappropriate content from your “kids.”

Of course, no such advertisement should be without an example of the type of inappropriate content blocked. You can see for yourself at adrants – it’s the female body.

Other people have made note that this is a textbook and adrants suggests that Bell is saying education is bad. While I agree that there is this connotation, I find myself astounded that the female body would be used as an example of “inappropriate content.” C’mon people, this is not Taliban-run Afghanistan.

Now, I’m anti-censorship in any form, but it seems to me that a more suitable example of inappropriate content for children might be Neo-nazi propoganda sites, if you must have censorship. But it’s just like a major corporation to bash women – the latest statistics say that corporations still don’t have that glass ceiling problem solved yet. Way to go, morons.

Nate’s Crazy Life

So lately I’ve been really busy. Stuff on my plate:

  • Been working on my new novel. It’s at ~20,000 words now. If there’s any interest, I can post a teaser chapter for you. Let me know.
  • Doing another editing pass at Alice – the final one, I hope. There are a few grammar errors in there and silly spelling mistakes which I should have caught the first time around.
  • The Earth: 2025 rewrite is coming along. The basic economy and war engine is done. A million little nitpicky things to do. I’m hoping to run an alpha server by the end of March.
  • My first aikido test is Monday Feb. 28, and I’ll be testing for 5th kyu. Lots of turning-people-into-pretzels goodness.

Other points of note:

  • My sister will be halfway through U.S. Navy bootcamp on Wednesday. Wish her the best.
  • My blog is now linked at – cool!
  • I have three cats demanding attention. Time to run!

Iio and Deus Ex 2

I was watching the video for Iio’s song “Rapture” and found that it reminded me strongly of the character NG Resonance from Deus Ex 2. I know the two look entirely different, but something about the holographic-woman-dancing thing just immediately reminded me of the game. Anyway, a great song and a great game. And for what it’s worth, kidneythieves did the music that you hear in Club Vox in DX2 (where you first meet NG Resonance) – also some great music which I’ve had on my playlist for a couple of years.